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It is indeed with sadness
 Posted by Hanlon on 01/07/2005 10:57:22 (3095 views)
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 In reply to Bro. Hepburn Gibb : Funeral Arrangements posted by Hanlon on 30/06/2005 09:38:29 (4497 views) 

Right Worshipful Master, Brethren all,

It is indeed with sadness that we received the news of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of our Brother Gibb.

Indeed Bro Hepburn worked hard towards bringing this Lodge, Wellington, closer to the Scottish Lodges; being one the two Lodges on the Continent, we never felt too far away from our spiritual leaders and our brethren in Scotland. And this thanks to Bro Gibb.

Kindly accept the heartfelt condolences of myself, the Office Bearers and the brethren of Lodge Wellington.

RWM, Lodge Wellington N 1385

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Bro. George Marshall Hanlon P.M.

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